Why would he do this?

My ex let’s me use his crave tv app. We have been broken up for two months and during the breakup he was adamant that he didn’t want to be in a relationship with anyone and that there was no one else. When we were together I never had a separate profile. We just shared it. Anyways when I logged on yesterday I noticed a profile with another girls name. So unfortunately I emailed him accusing him of lying to me and now I know why it was so easy. He hadn’t replied to any emails that I sent shortly after the breakup but he did reply to this one to say I was acting crazy, what he did after the breakup is none of my concern and that I should move on with my life. While I agree with the statement I do wonder if he enjoyed doing this. The next day the profile was removed. Why would he put it up just to take it down?

also I should add I thought he blocked me on email bc he told me that so that’s why I emailed it. Was kinda cathartic. Didn’t think he actually received my emails.
Why would he do this?
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