Why does he care about losing me if he doesn’t want me?

Met this guy about 9 weeks ago, we hit it off instantly, became super close and just clicked. We’ve been very open and honest with each other and have even been emotionally vulnerable with each other.

However, his ex has recently come into the picture and he’s trying to work things out with her (she’s currently living abroad) we’ve tried to be just friends but he’s confusing me with his actions as he seems to be also confused with what he wants, one minute we’re friends the next we’re more. After a few weeks of bickering I asked for some space at first he chased me and then gave me my space.

A few nights ago we got talking again and I was drunk but had already decided we needed to stop talking for a few months, and that I needed to move on. And that we should just end things here. I then wake up to a message from him asking how I’m feeling as I had been out all night drinking, I told him he needs to stop contacting me as he’s making it harder for me to move on.

He then hen proceeded to remove me off of snapchat, we then got into an argument and I explained that maybe later down the road we could be friends but right now we can’t. I later said sorry as I did let my emotions get the better of me & could have handled it better, he told me that I didn’t need to be and that it was absolutely fine.

Why does he care so much about losing me if he’s sorting things out with his ex? I know he likes and cares for me but surely he should be focusing on working his relationship out with his ex.
Why does he care about losing me if he doesn’t want me?
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