I hooked up with my friend... now I'm super confused?

My best friend from high school went off to the military about 3 years ago and I had started to date this new guy. Long story short... its been three years of hell. The guy I was dating has cheated... has anger issues... and is barely around our baby that just turned a year old.

Well my friend came home after deployment and we hit it off like he never left. I hadn't felt so comfortable and happy around someone in so long... we ended up having sex and I just can't stop thinking about how amazing it was and how I have the butterflies for the first time in years!!

I broke up with the guy I was dating the same day and told him the truth about what happened. He is furious and I know what I did was wrong but I do not feel guilty about it at all. I didn't realize I even had feelings for my friend until I saw him for the first time in 3yrs.

I did the right thing by breaking up with my boyfriend the same day and telling him the truth. I told him I couldn't get offer the multiple girls he had cheated on me with and not being around when I needed him. Only around when it benefited him. I want to be with my friend so badly because there is something more there than I ever thought possible. What would you do?
I hooked up with my friend... now I'm super confused?
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