My boyfriend doesn't feel the same way about me, is it time to break up?

My boyfriend is a wonderful guy, and honestly, almost everything I've wanted. We've been together 3 months and in that time, we've had very few fights, and our time together is really good. When things are good, it's the best relationship of my life. When we spend time together, we have an awesome time. I've met his parents, he's met mine.
But when things are not good...
Every few weeks, he'll go through an almost week long phase where he is incredibly distant, claims he's not sure what he wants, and basically acts like he wants to break up. I never beg him to stay, and I give him the space he needs. However, this last time, I'm extra exhausted. Just before this time, he told me he loved me. Multiple times.
I don't understand how he can say he loves me and then four days later suddenly say he's not sure what he wants anymore, and that he "doesn't know" if he wants to break up or not.
I know doubts are natural but... surely not like this.
So far this has happened 3 times, seriously enough that every time feels like a 'make or break'. That's how bad it is. He's never rude to me, but he distances himself from me, and it hurts, a lot.
Just last week he was all over me- super clingy, lovey, calling me pet names and saying just how much he missed me.
Today he said "I don't know what I want right now. Sometimes I'm happy with you and sometimes I just want to be alone."
We don't live together and we are both independent people with separate lives.
This is becoming a pattern and I don't know whether to stay or go.
My boyfriend doesn't feel the same way about me, is it time to break up?
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