Is this over? Or is there hope?

So a few hours ago I got a random text from my boyfriend of two months saying “I don't know how to say this but I can’t be in a relationship rn”. I’m absolutely stunned and heartbroken. He said his mental health isn’t in the right place and I understand that but I’m so confused because last night he said he’s dating me long term and sees a future, then this just out the blue. He’s done something similar before when he’s turned around and said he wanted a break. He’s currently under exam stress at uni and has religious parents that DONT know about us. So I don’t know if it’s just a rational thing or for definite because he keeps saying we will meet again and I’m his dream girl. And he promises he will keep in touch with me in the future. He says he loves me more when I said I loved him. He’s currently on his social media acting like everything’s ok. Please don’t be harsh to me in the replies, I know there will be heartbreaks but because of my anxiety I can’t get clarity of certain things hence why I’m here. Thanks - B
5 mo
Since we have split up, he nonstops likes my photos and views all my stories!
Is this over? Or is there hope?
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