Ex unfollowed me?

So basically, my boyfriend dumped me about 8 months ago, I thought everything was fine but turns out he had been cheating on me for the last two months of our relationship (we dated for three years but had known each other years prior). The relationship became really emotionally draining, where he would constantly ignore me. I know, I should’ve realised something was up sooner. Very soon after the breakup, he begins dating one of the girls he was cheating with. I really couldn’t tell if he was genuinely upset about breaking.

Either way, fast forward last month, I finally have the courage to unfollow him, only on one social, still have him on a few, just because I don’t want the really old messages deleted. I just didn’t want to see his posts anymore, I wanted to move on. Keep in mind I never look at any of his stuff at all, I’m really not interested at this point.

Throughout this entire time, despite our relationship ending on an incredibly bad note. We haven’t spoken since. He continues to view literally everything I posted, and I posted a hell of a lot.

Just a week ago, he unfollowed me out of the blue. Completley randomly. I thought to myself, hey, you know he’s moving on, that’s fine. It’s really what I want right now. However, I started posting on my other social media accounts and he watched all my stories with no problem at all? He unfollowed me on Instagram but didn’t in literally anything else, where he’s stull watching what I post?

1. I just don’t know if he’s being petty and simply followed me because I was no longer following him

2. He was in the same boat about me with the whole message saving deal, however I highly doubt it because he said some incredibly horrible things about our previous friendship.

Im not so pressed about the fact that he unfollowed me, I just want to know why, or at least why you would think, because it’s annoying the hell out of me! I just wish he would stop.

Ex unfollowed me?
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