My boyfriend rejected my gift?

We’re currently sort of long distance (2 hours) due to him doing his finals at college. And before he was going back away I was ordering a set of Polaroid pictures so some of my favourite pictures of fun times with family and friends and memories so I could have them to keep forever instead of just digitally.

I was getting one of us on our first date and I remember him having notes I’d given him in his wallet that he always kept there so I thought it’d be cute to order two of that picture so he could have it in his wallet or just there at college. I’m not usually into physical copies of things but I just found it sweet to have one of our first ever date in a Polaroid form high quality and it was made really nice.

He went away before I could give it to him and two months later I finally got the chance and he rejected it and said he doesn’t want physical copies of it. There’s gifts people have given me that I haven’t been bothered about before but the fact they thought about me was sweet so I’d accept and still keep/use them. I just felt so offended and hurt because I was so excited to give it to him.

It made me feel rejected and like no matter what I do it isn’t enough. Is this normal to have a boyfriend just reject something like that? I’m just hurt
My boyfriend rejected my gift?
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