Toddler and my ex: Should I cut all ties or try to work it out?

So my ex dumped me about 10 days ago and he has now come to pick up his things! We ended up spending the whole together on the weekend and he asked if i would consider him having an ongoing relationship with my toddler! He said that he would like to be like an uncle and come to see him once a month! He lives over 3 hrs away! I really am stuck because the guy dumped me out of the blue after we had been together for nearly a year! We get on really well but he said he thought about it for a month etc. Obviously I’m still hurting but it’s not about me! On the one hand he has a strong bond with my son and they get on very well so it would be a shame to let that go for my son! But once a month may confuse him, the guy may just decide he does not want to do it or meet someone else etc! I mean I’m just wondering if hat others have done or would do! He says he is committed to the arrangement and yet he had already considered that he would not have contact with my son again before he broke up with me so part of me feels he already made the decision to walk away! Any advice please?
5 mo
He actually only want to see him and go for a walk in the park not have a proper relationship with him! He just wants to visit as a friend and spend some time with him!
Toddler and my ex: Should I cut all ties or try to work it out?
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