Trying to find closure with bad breakup with younger guy?

1-1/2 years ago, I moved to LA, met a guy at the gym. He was 21 & I was 27. I'd never dated younger but he was fun. We went on dates, watched the sunset on the beach. After 2 mo, I needed a place to stay temporarily. he said I could stay with him but his place wasn't nice. I moved in, found out he was squatting in an old house that his cousin owned. I was surprised bc he had a job and a car. I figured he was just down on his luck. We did everything together, the sex was great. But we both had $ issues, so after a month, we separated.
2 mo later, i got my own place. He came over a few nights a week. we talked on the phone for hours. he left his car with me when he went out of town. we were close.
After 4 mo in my apt, I went back to live with him. When I got there, he had no heat, no stove, no tv or wifi. It was dirty & full of mold. I began questioning his mental state. I knew his parents were old, poor immigrants. He grew up isolated & lacked affection. He told me that he wanted to move back home. He revealed he quit his job & was just selling weed. I gave him half the rent, but he still couldn't pay & we had to give up the keys.
I got a hotel for a week, let him stay with me. He cried, told me he's sorry he's a fuckup, and he doesn't know how I stay so strong. He said I could have a better life w/out him. He insisted we separate, said he needed to figure things out & he doesn't need me. we both went back home.

he called me on my birthday, then stopped replying & blocked me on social media. I was hurt, so I messaged a mutual friend about him. I said he was a loser who uses women for a place to live. Later that day my MOM got a text from a random # that said "your daughter is a mentally unstable whore". I knew it was him bc he's one of the few people who had my moms number. I didn't react. It's been 2 months since we spoke. I still feel that I need closure on this.

should I not talk to him until he apologizes? or should I forgive him and say sorry for my part?
Trying to find closure with bad breakup with younger guy?
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