Why did my ex do this?

So we have been together for two months, I knew I was moving to the city next to him in September and was fine with it, I confirmed it 2 days ago that it was happening. He got a new job for two weeks but I think he lost it 2 days ago because he certainly did not look like he was in work i. e. wearing gym clothes etc, he's also still living with his parents and he dropped out of university in 1st year because he drank all his money away.

Anyway, things were absolutely fine between us, he asked if he could visit mine but my mum isn't comfortable having him staying over when she hasn't met him yet, I told him and he said I should come and stay at his (so he expects me to spend over 30 quid in travel to see him when I did this before and he hasn't bothered visiting me.

Everything seemed fine two days ago, he even liked my posts during the night. I woke up the next morning at 6am to a snapchat message at 3:30am from him saying 'good luck with the msc, its over Im sorry' and he blocked me off facebook and deleted me off snapchat. So I didn't even get a chance to respond. Why would he do this? So I am assuming he lost his job because why would he be up at 3:30am when he has work at 9am? And he was probably drinking. I manage to text him telling him to never contact me again and I blocked him off everything too
Why did my ex do this?
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