Are these reasons to breakup with my long term boyfriend (pros and cons)?

-very attractive to me
-fun personality, very nice and funny
-he makes me feel like I’m on top of the world when we are together (most of the time)
-he’s affectionate
-he’s bought me lots of nice gifts, made me things, and spent lots of money on said gifts (not recently but months ago)
-sometimes texts first and is very attentive
-initiates hangouts half of the time, good balance
-respectful and thankful when I fulfill him sexually
-tells me he loves me a lot
-gives me random compliments sometimes

-he sometimes ignores my texts, sometimes doesn’t put in any effort to text or won’t text all day. Forgets about me and forgets to reply a lot
-he doesn’t last long during sex, in our year and a half relationship he hasn’t gone down on me but I’ve gone down on him many times
-doesn’t really get me random surprise gifts anymore, although I buy him tons of things that make me think of him
-doesn’t pay me much attention sometimes, I could be at his house and he will act like I don’t exist for some time
-he doesn’t put forth as much effort as I do, like initiating things, showing my love or expressing it or giving me affection, I do much more in terms of that
-my friends say I deserve better, I’m very nice and understanding of him and I’ve seen him very low but still love him. Yet sometimes he acts like he can barely reply to a text
-seems like he puts others above me, he’s a welder and I asked him if he could make me a ring and he never did but he made one of his female friends a ring, hasn’t gotten me one
-doesn’t compliment me much, doesn’t really pay me attention when apart
-I do much more for him sexually, and it seems like he wants blowjobs multiple times a day and I do them for him
-hangs out with other girls in school, I’m in college and he’s in the 12th grade so my friends from his high school say they see him walking around alone with different girls

I've been thinking about this a lot, I’m stuck and need a third party opinion. Help?
Are these reasons to breakup with my long term boyfriend (pros and cons)?
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