Honest advice, did he break up with me?

Hey everyone! The guy I am seeing is 37 (he's divorced/has one child/ in debt) and I am 22 (grad student, no debt!) , we've been dating for 4 months ( I have met his friends, partners, and son) day trips, dates, talks about the future (no sex). I sent him a kind message saying "I am sorry if I made him upset on Friday ( the argument was MINOR)...

He responded to my apology (to a situation where I literally told him its rude to only respond to some of my paragraphs) with:

"It’s ok and thank you for your words. As you can tell, I do not respond well to rash judgments and this was not the first time. I’ve been through relationships that that was commonplace and I have no time for it.. I hope it’s been a great Sunday for you" ..
Honest advice, did he break up with me?
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