Does he ever think of me?

I was with a boy for 5 years. I moved to to start University, and he moved to work. He was saying at that time (November last year) that he wants us to get married next year (this year). In feb he told me that he wants to break up and that he doesn‘t want a relationshiop now. I was writting him and telling him that we need to get back together. But he was saying that he doesn‘t feel that way anymore and that I am still important to him, but not as a lover. We were still talking to each other since we broke up. We kissed and had sex and everything was good and I thought that it meant we were together again. But he was saying after that that we still are broken up and he doesn‘t want a relationship. And he was scared that I will find somebody. He even got jealous when I told him about a boy from my University. And 1 month later i find out that he was dating another girl, for nearly 3 months. He was laying to me all the time and he even cheated on her with me. I was mad at him for lying to me and hurting me. That girl wanted him to block me and not be in contact with me, but he and I were still in contact. And out of anger I told that girl that he cheated on her with me and that we still are in contact. He got mad at me because of that. He was saying that he hates me. And now we aren‘t talking and he doesn‘t want to see me or hear me ever again. And he told me that he knows that I am the only one for him and that no one will ever love him like I do, but he just felt better being with her, even though he knew that she is not for him. I am still hurt. They are still together. And I think that I only made their relationship stronger. Ther are really happy now and posting pics with each other. And the fact that he hates me hurts me more than anything. Everyone is telling me that I did the right thing because he hurt me and lied to me. But it hurts me more because I knew what I meant to him and now he hates me and I wonder if he ever thinks of me..
Does he ever think of me?
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