Should I walk away?

I feel very sad to even post this, but I really need unbiased opinions so please read.
I met this guy about 2 1/2 years ago that I wasn’t initially interested in but he really won me over. Our romance was short lived because he was offered a Great job in another state that I felt I’d be selfish to say anything other than to take it. I despise long distance, but I was willing to do it because I didn’t want to throw away a good thing and I thought he wanted the same thing. As time passed he really disconnected emotionally from me, we rarely talked except for when our favorite show aired on sundays.
It became this pattern of him visiting maybe twice a year, and in those times he’d go out of his way for me, swearing he wanted to be with me and would try harder and apologizing for neglecting me. Then his visit would conclude, he’d go back to his new home and we’d go back to stagnate. This past time he visited (end of April) I finally got the nerve to really express how I felt about things, to which he was understanding and apologetic. Essentially one of his concerns was that his family (especially religious mother) wouldn’t approve of me because I’m not Muslim and I’m American, not like the traditional wife she wants for him. But in the same conversation, said he wanted to do the right thing and marry me because of how happy we make each other. I wanted to believe him, but per usual, we’ve hardly talked. Now as I’m scrolling through my social media, I see he’s back in town to see his family for EID, and hasn’t even so much as mentioned visiting to me. I just feel so devastated and don’t know if maybe I’m being selfish or overreacting. Or maybe I just need to wash my hands of the situation and finally let go. Advice would be great.
5 mo
Thank you both so much for your inputs! The advice I’ve gotten from my close friends tell me to “give him a real chance” or to “try more”, like me going to visit him for a few days, etc. But all of that now feels like forcing something where it doesn’t fit and sadly, I have to agree with you both and just walk away.
Should I walk away?
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