So confused. What does the way he ended it mean?

My boyfriend of 6 months has ended it. He said that he feels we have ‘gone stale’.

Recently, he went on vacation with his guys. He followed a string of women on Instagram who he appeared to have met over there. I did not contact him during this time, as I thought I will wait until he’s back as he is away.

he then came home , made very little effort to see me and then said he needs ‘space and a break’ to ‘see if he misses me’. I can’t quite get my head around what this even means, and he has given me no other closure.

mentally, this has damaged me.

He used to follow multiple girls and like their pictures even during the relationship, and since the break he has continued to follow multiple women on social media, which is just super hurtful.

We are now in day 4 of no contact. I need advice on how to deal with this and the lack of real explanation. It would appear he just wants to be single?
So confused. What does the way he ended it mean?
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