Am I right to want to delete my Facebook?

Years ago, I was having a very hard time getting over my ex. I always felt she was watching my Facebook, and I would check on her. But she made it clear to me she didn't want me in her life.
Eventually, I deleted it. I didn't want to tempt myself to look at her moving on.
As luck, I guess, would have it. Not long after, she was looking for me, and had to find my Instagram to reach out to me. She admitted that she was looking at the account and kept tabs on me.
We got back together, and I re made the Facebook because I wanted to reconnect with people and talk to her family.
We broke up a year later and I deleted my Facebook account, for the same reasons.
I ran into her a year later, and I still wasn't ok. But I got my closure from the conversation I had with her.
I felt I was ok, and I made a new Facebook. I met a few girls on there, and dated in for 8 months. But at this point I have a hard time using it. Part of me until last week, felt that there was a chance we would get back together. But I dont feel like it's gonna happen, and part of me had the Facebook to show I was ok, because I made a new account and if she wanted to reach out, she could find me.
At this point, I feel it's more mentally harming me than it is doing me good.
I haven't felt that it's worth keeping.
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5 mo
I also have reasonable doubt she is still looking at my profile
Am I right to want to delete my Facebook?
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