Roller coaster breakup?

Long one, I meet a girl online and we start talking.

First thing that happens is she goes to college 4 hours away and i tell her im not interested in long distance relationships. So she begs me and i do it for a little while then im just not feeling it still. She doesn't let up she calls me non stop I'm telling her its over and she's not hearing it.

(Not proud of this) So im young i dont know what to do anymore im saying no and she's saying please lets try. So i can't take it anymore and im like (im gonna have to hurt this girl) and so i sleep with someone else and tell her about it to try and shake her loose from me. It works and she backs off.

Fast forward 1.5 to 2 years and i run into her again and we start talking and she says she's moving back to the area but she hates living with her parents. (And i know how that feels)
I tell her well you can live with me,(my biggest mistake) but im going through a very painful ghosting with someone i cared about and i needed some time. (I didn't want this to be a rebound and i didn't think it was a healthy way to start a relationship.

So she moves in and is all over me and won't let up and i start getting resentful, so i start getting fairly verbally abusive because of this. (At this point she completely wasn't respecting my feelings) so I'm mean to her for quite a while maybe 9 months or so. Eventually something happens where I decide its dumb to still be upset about this other thing and I tell her im over being ghosted, lets be together.

By this time she's lost nearly all feelings for me, her friends hate me, her family hates me and it's not good.

So i try to spend the next 6 months treating her great, showing how much I care. Then a month and a half ago she moves out says she needs space. Then next thing we have the smallest disagreement and poof she leaves.

Now im blocked and she's being nasty to me, and it wasn't even a super ugly ending! She says she wants me in her life still but she's being very cold now and im lost.
Roller coaster breakup?
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