Why is my Ex contacting me nearly every 2 months?

So a few months back i left my ex after constantly arguing. for a week after we broke up he kept calling me at 1/2am in the morning with his friend tryna sort things out. After i told him i dont want to be with him and i dont trust him (as he was talking to other girls) and it was making us fight.

After 2 months my ex message me as if he was checking up on me but our convo ended badly as he claimed he wanted to get back together but it was a prank which he was tryna ss nd post it on his social (failed as i did not get with him). He also tried making me jealous by saying "i found another girl who is thic and there is so many better candidates", however i did reply saying "alright then good luck and hope u treat them ryt".

Again for the past few day my ex has decided to message me telling me he wants to "bless things" and i was nice and said "okay" but i also asked him to leave me alone and wished him luck in life.. but he seems to keep on msging even after i have given dead replies or aired his message. However the way he is talking is like he wants to start a fight.
Why is my Ex contacting me nearly every 2 months?
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