Does my ex still have feelings for me or was it just breadcrumbs?

My ex and I have been broken up for over a year. With last time we saw each other being the end of 2017. The reason we broke up was that I cheated on her. I didn't hook up with anyone but I was flirting with other females with my freinds. This caused her to leave me.

During the breakup for several months on end. I did everything your not supposed to do. I begged, pleaded, kept reaching out etc. The only things I didn't do was show up to her house or work unannounced.

So January was when we last spoke before I went into No Contact. She said a lot of mean things like how I was a rebound relationship, how she never loved me etc. I end up apologizing for what I did and then went into complete NC.

So after 4 months of no contact. She unblocks me on social media after being blocked for over a year. Then out of the blue she texts me asking if I'm at work. I tell her I'm not. She claimed she wanted to come and say hello. We then text back and forth for about 2 weeks, with her even texting first some. Wishing me good days, sleep well etc. We then talk on the phone for about 2 hours. Laughing, flirting and having a great convo. Well after the phone call I tried to call a day later no answer. I texted her telling her I called no answer again. So im ignored again. So last week was a religious holiday for both of us she contacted me wishing me a happy holiday. After a couple days I ask her out and she declines. I tell her I just wanted to see her. She understood.

So now I'm confused. I brought up when we last spoke she said some mean things. Then you want to see me. Then we text and speak on the phone. Then I'm ignored after. She claims she was being just being friendly and that I was wrong to assume it would continue. She says it was mistake speaking to me, good chat and that it won't happen again. Last thing I said was if you talk to me again great. If not I can't lose someone who is already gone. I respect your decision and I accept things for what they are.

I'm confused
Does my ex still have feelings for me or was it just breadcrumbs?
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