I'll be meeting my ex boyfriend one last time. What should I say and How should I react?

We've been together for 8 months so far and we were so deep in love until the last break up. I did break up with him countless times because I had anger issues which I have to work on it and he always asked for me back so I would definitely give him chance right after a day or few hours. Well the last break up was an ultimate break up because I wanted him back after I got to know within 30 minutes of our break up that he was hanging out with a girl who is his best friend's girlfriend's sister. So immediately I was jealous and I asked for him back but he denied and right after few days (not even a week) he moved on so quickly. I did ask if she's the reason and he denied. He told me, He is happy by himself and we never work out and we can never work out. It hurt me real bad because he just changed and it was all new to me. In those few days, I did try and ask him back, he blocked me from all the social medias but I did go other way by telling our friends to helps us work it out.. He denied for us getting back together even after they told him. I told him, I would change as well. He said, it's over and I should move on.. it's hard and it hurts a lot so I decided to meet him for one last time which he accepted it after a lot of our friends picthing him to meet me because we started our relationship in person and not over the phone so I thought breaking up officially over the phone is a cheap shot. I still love him so much and miss him so much but just like him I want to move on as well. What should I do when I meet him? the only reason why am I meeting him it's because I do want him to realise the love we had for each other and I have 1% hope we might happen and the other reason is I just want to see him and thank him for everything and drop the necklace that he gave me and make it officially over.. Also I want him to have a little bit of an affect. so should I keep it short and simple and not babble about myself.
I'll be meeting my ex boyfriend one last time. What should I say and How should I react?
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