How do I cope with this?

My ex and I broke up towards the beginning of the year, and it was a difficult situation because she didn't seem right with herself and seemed to not be honest during the breakup.
Anyway, I dated a few girls since but nothing stuck, and I kept getting reminders of my ex, and I'd even run into her from time to time, and based on everything, and similar events on a break up of ours a few years prior. My friends would even see the way she looked at me, and dubbed it 'I miss you eyes'
Anyway, nothing has come of it, and deep down I hoped we'd get back together. I've been very disappointed, almost as bad as during the breakup.
But, I wound up getting hit extremely hard in the head a few weeks ago and got diagnosed with a severe concussion and it's at the stage where it gets worse and worse.
Anyway, my emotions and everything about my ex feel. like they have been amplified 5 times and it's becoming hard to go through the day.

How do I make these thoughts and pain go away and null it while I'm recovering?
How do I cope with this?
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