Why is she ready now? Should I be okay with this?

I asked out my crush at work and she had said yes. We went on one date and it was ok, but nothing crazy. Then she asked me to participate in a double date and at first I said yes, then I decided not to go.
She was upset and she didn't speak to me for a month. Then she finally started being flirty and normal again. We went out one more time, and it was better, but not great.
At that point, I found out she was casually dating another co-worker and I decided to not ask her out anymore and she got upset and the guy was upset for some random reason.
I tried to leave the company not too long later, and leave on good terms with her but she told me to pound sand.
About 3 months later, she friend requested me on Facebook, and after a week messaged me. She wasn't seeing that guy anymore. She wanted to try again and if it went well be exclusive.

Why is she ok with this now?
Should I be ok with it?
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Why is she ready now? Should I be okay with this?
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