How come she sees no wrong in what she did?

My ex and I were on and off for a few years, and during our final break up, she kept referring to all my mistakes, especially what I did when we first dated. But she feels she did absolutely nothing wrong during our time together.
She broke us up several times because of her religious beliefs and would put me down and even ignore me and say I never called or texted.
She pushed me away before she left on her mission, and shut me out while on her mission. She promised she'd never push the religion on me but kept trying to convert me while she was on her mission.
She even kept verbally went back and forth about her feelings for me and her decision with the religious stuff.
She told me she'd make it work and even took a promise ring and said we'd marry when she came home. She also lied and said she'd never return to my state, but came back anyway.
How come she sees no wrong in what she did?
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