Is she gone forever?

so I’m about to copy and paste a text I received from my now ex around an hour ago. It’s too long so the rest of it will be in comments

some context to consider is that this all spanned from a little argument over something so stupid, literally over a couple of uninterested sounding responses. But it later turned into her saying “I don’t want you anymore” either way I thought it was best at that point to leave her be for However long she wanted, I never begged, I was never pushy, I never insulted her in any way,

an hour ago I received this text. My head is still a mess over it, I’m not sure what to do. Immediately after sending she blocked me and removed me off every form of social media, I think the hardest part is that I didn’t even get to say goodbye...
i just someone to say something because I don’t know where I’m at. Is this person gone forever?


I’m going to leave you with this final text. As you have received this message you no longer have any way or form to contact me. I have done this because I know I’ll be tempted to message you or you message me. But I truly believe this is what is best for the both of us. When I first met you I never had any interest in getting to know somebody or been to start talking to them on that level. Me and you somewhat clicked instantly. It was crazy because we’re so damn different. Who would have thought that two people from complete different lifestyles and backgrounds would connect how we did. I don’t know regret anything. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you. Doing things as little we could. The little moments we had or the way we both say each others words lol. All the little bickering and arguments though have put us where we are now but I still wouldn’t have changed any of it. 6 months of talking and getting to know each other. We took things 1 step at a time.
4 mo
I don’t know where it all went wrong and to be honest I don’t want to know. Somethings Just happen for a reason and I guess this is one of them. I won’t ever think of it as time wasted but it is a love lost.

I never set out to hurt you con, it’s literally the last thing I ever wanted to do. I just wanted you to be happy but I don’t feel like I do that anymore. You can say that I can’t tell you how you feel but I can only go on how I feel. I know I’m not the easiest person to love, in fact I’m o
4 mo
I’ll always remember you, thank you for everything you showed me and made me feel. I will never forget any of it. It’s a shame it has to be like this but it’s the way the world goes. Go be happy, find somebody who’s gonna adore the hell out of you as much as you’re gonna adore them. You deserve it all.

I’m sorry connor x

Didn’t want you to think I’ve just left it.

Cause I was writing that since last night

Goodbye 😭
Is she gone forever?
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