Why would my ex like my Facebook post the day after we broke up?

I posted another question about how our relationship ended, so I'll try to be quick here. I'm 34 and he's 37, been together a year and a half. Great relationship, with no arguments ever. We were happy.

In the last month he drifted away and started acting distant for no reason at all. Two weeks ago he cheated on me. We agreed we wanted to be together and tried to work it out, but he was still being so distant that this past weekend we sort of mutually ended things. I initiated because I felt like he didn't want me there anymore, but after about a 5 minute conversation, it was kind of mutual. We both cried and I've never seen him cry before.

Now for the WTF part. I went home devastated, sick to my stomach. My kids and I decided to hit the road with no particular destination. We just drove. Well I find out that night that after we stopped for a hotel (3rd party tells me) he slept with the girl he cheated on me with just hours after we broke up. That's what my other post was about, asking why he would do that.

The next morning, the kids and I drive some more and end up in the mountains. We stopped at several touristy places, and had a blast. We ended up hitting four different states (we were kind of where all four of them met) and laughed so much! We took pics along the way and I posted them on Facebook.

Well fast forward to the next morning (yesterday) and he has liked my posts. Why? When we were together, he "loved" all of my pictures and now it's just a like, but still... Why? Since we ended amicably, is just a friend supporting a friend, or is he missing me? What's going through his mind? Why would he do it so soon after breaking up?

I mean, I'm sure I'm looking way too much into this, but I'm really hoping there may still be some hope for us. So much for keeping it short, but please help!
Why would my ex like my Facebook post the day after we broke up?
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