Should I still have my hope? Is it the right move to give ourselves a little time?

My ex (27) broke up with me (22) last week. He was my first boyfriend, and I was his first serious relationship. We've been together for 2 years. It was long distance, we're in the different countries. I am a foreign student in his country, we went to the same uni here, but by the time we were together he was graduating and continuing his study abroad. There's a 6-7 hours time difference, I often stayed awake until 2-3AM to keep him company. He needed to adapt and I didn't want him to be lonely. We've both grown so much as a couple, learned a lot along the way, both being our better selves bc of each other. It was a beautiful relationship.

It's my last semester, I plan to apply a program to a school closer to his (can't find a good program where he is), then after I'll move to where he is. But recently I've been busy with graduation and application, he was busy with school and work too. He said he's a little tired, want someone who can be beside him. He said he's adapted to the new environment that when I talked about my life it felt like it's happening far away from him. He said he started to have thoughts on other women, he's afraid that someday he lost control and hurt me. He also said he felt bad for making me stay up late. He also wanted to stay friends bc I've helped him a lot these 2 years and he doesn't want to lose me. He said if I get accepted to the school and we're both still single he'll visit me, if we still have feelings for each other, we'll give it another try.

The break up itself wasn't bad, no arguing. I've analyzed our relationship & realized we both have made a few mistakes too. I cried a little but I agreed to it. I said I'll consider being friends, but I'll cut the contact for a while to heal.

I wonder if I should've fought for us? I still have feelings for him, I really think he is the one, we have that connection, we are such a good team. I've decided to give him time and focusing on being a better self, but am I stupid to still having my hopes?
Should I still have my hope? Is it the right move to give ourselves a little time?
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