Should I dump my girlfriend or help her M28 F25?

With my girlfriend for over a year now, at the start it was great we had been friends for two year before we started dating from the get go she had says she couldn’t talk much about feelings etc

but as time goes on we argue a lot about stupid minor things that no one else I know would get so upset over and even although it’s her that would start the silent treatment Or arguing /ignoring me but it would be my fault and I would have to apologize I never seen this side to her

She never wants to talk things out I prefer to sort it and move on she would prefer make a big deal of it and completely ignore me but then try say she doesn’t and basically if I don’t sort it out it will continue until I do and if I call to her house she would ask me why I am there

what really is bugging me this past while is she will completely ignore me and ignore my existence won’t make eye contact or anything Bur will talk to anyone else like there is nothing wrong with her and more than happy to even start the conversation, she can completely ignore me for no reason and if I ask what’s wrong am told nothing but I know her long enough to tell when she is being dry or distant with me then next thing you know is she says that me asking what’s wrong is the reason she’s in a mood basically any argument we have is my fault she’s never wrong but if I try talk she clams up and won’t speak if I ask a question she will literally sit there like I didn’t speak,

I feel like she has no respect for me and not sure what to do I love her and told her I would always be there as she has a hard time opening up to anyone and wanted to build a life with her

its worse when she’s in a bad mood with someone else but takes it out on me by ignoring me point blank and we only make up when she’s ready I have told her how it makes me feel and she says that I am trying to change her because I don’t like the attitude I get from her over silly things she acts like a child at times help
Should I dump my girlfriend or help her M28 F25?
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