How to get over him?

We broke up
and I’m using the contact rule. It’s working great, I’m not breaking down or crying and the closest thing I could say is that I feel numb.
It’s not quite hitting me yet? Like I feel like as if I’ll see him tmr again and all will be good?
I feel numb, and I think about him almost every night when I struggle to sleep.
I don’t think of him during the day tho, I try myself to occupy myself but at night it’s when the thoughts creep in.
It sucks, cos I deleted all my social media so I can really just get away and spend time with myself, but I still can’t bring myself to delete and remove things that remind me of him.
I don’t know what to do, I need to move on but somehow it’s like if I’m refusing to.
I hope time heals but I don't know how long must I be like this.
4 mo
***no contact rule***
How to get over him?
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