How do I walk away from an emotionally unstable man smoothly?

So i've ended up in a really sticky situation.
I'm seeing a guy who is really super into me but on a really over the top-level.

I kept seeing him though because when he thought I was gonna stop seeing him he basically had an entire breakdown and just cried and cried and talked about how he couldn't do anything because of how depressed it made him and we had known each other then for probably less than 3 weeks.

I guess I made it worse by still not dumping him then though because now we've gotten so close and gotten to know so much about each other and he wants to take me out on dates all the time. I've tried telling him to back off a little and he said let's take it slow because he said he understood me but he still talks to me in a romantic way and wants to do romantic things with me. :/

I get a weird vibe from him as well. When I say i'm not interested in being romantic with him already he immadiately changes his mind and says that it's no big deal and makes it SUPER CLEAR to me how GREAT he thinks it is that I can actually say what I want and not as if I WOULDN'T speak up if something's not okay with me and just let it happen? It just feels sketchy. I am still concerned about how to end it though, and how he will react this time... I think he's super emotionally unstable.
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I would just like to share that I spoke to him at a cafe and said that I have no romantic emotions and he started to cry, basically said he loved me (we have dated for a month barely) and that he thought we have a future together.. Then he stormed out. I feel terrible. 😟
How do I walk away from an emotionally unstable man smoothly?
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