Ex-Girlfriend is trying to make me jealous?

About a month ago me and my girlfriend broke up. We go to the same school so you can imagine the environment at became a little awkward. The break up was initiated by her as she was depressed and felt it was only fair for me not to have to deal with her in such a state. I was confused by her reasoning at first but slightly understood it more as time went on. We ended being in the same class towards the end of the year which really didn’t help me get over her. When the class started, on the first day she loudly asked a guy named Kurt to sit next to her. We’re both 16 and she has a background of anxiety and depression.

Now that you some background I’ll get to the real reason I’m writing all this.

So as time goes on she keeps talking with Kurt and laughs really obnoxiously when I’m around. They sometimes start touching each others hands and Kurt puts his hand on her leg but doesn’t move it. When I asked Kurt and my Ex if they were together now, they turned to me and said “Nooo”. Kurt said “No” much quieter and looked at my Ex when he said it (Possibly looking for confirmation from her that they are anything more than friends). Then I promptly said “Well when I was presenting my project I saw you too holding and touching hands”. Kurt said “Nah, were just good friends”. Am I crazy or is that just weird? I don’t know anybody that touches their best friend on the thigh for long periods of time.

So do you think my girlfriend is trying to make me jealous?

Also, sorry if you feel like there’s information that’s left out. The whole situation is much more complicated but I don’t want you to have to read a 1000 word essay on here. Any advice or insight would be great! Thanks!
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Ex-Girlfriend is trying to make me jealous?
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