Why was she so determined to find me?

My ex and I separated in July of 2017 due to religious differences.
Through 2018, I struggled with the breakup and eventually reached out to her because of a dream in November of 2018. The conversation did not go well, and she said I hurt her during the breakup since I didn't want to stay friends and never called or reached out after the breakup. She ended the conversation by saying she didn't want me in her life ever again.
This conversation happened on Facebook, and in January I decided to delete my Facebook. She recently reached out to me on Instagram and asked for my number to call me. She explained that she was instructed by the holy ghost to reach out to me.
She said she looked for me on Facebook and couldn't find me. But she realized she wasn't blocked because she used a friends profile too. So she searched for me on Instagram and eventually found me after a few days of searching.
Why was she so determined to find me?
Changed feelings/regret
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That feeling of the holy ghost
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Just cause
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Why was she so determined to find me?
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