What is my ex trying to say?

so my ex broke up w me a little b4 school ended after I confronted him about his obvious feelings for another girl. I was super nice about it and told him it was okay because I understood that his feelings for her wouldn't just disappear and told him I would be there for him. But he then said that he needed time to think and then we broke up a few days later and he said we should still be friends. its been about 2 weeks and so yesterday I put one of those" yolo send anonymous messages" on my Snapchat. And got one saying " do u ever wish things went different" . And the last viewer was him. Then I said slide up. And he sent it again. And then again. So I texted him (normal text message) and said "yea I do" and he never responded. why wouldn't he respond? and why would he ask that question if he didn't miss me or something. I'm not sure how to feel lol or what any of this means.
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What is my ex trying to say?
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