Are rhe differences worth a break-up if he is the only one I've ever truly loved?

At first it didn't seem like it, but now, after being together for 10 months, I have discovered a lot.
We have very few in common. I spend and enjoy to make memories, whereas he spends only on his cars. If we go out, mostly I pay. I get energized by doing things and going out, whereas he likes to sit at home. I like to learn new things, he is not that interested. I like to meet new people to gather ideas and he likes to be either alone with me or with people who he knows very well. I celebrate victories like finishing one job and moving on, etc but he is not used to that, because that would involve spending money and talking. On top of that, my mother has developed a disliking towards him because he never even says hello or goodbye. I have hid things from my father because he would absolutely go nuts if he found out. We don't even have basically anything to talk about, but I didn't consider that to be a problem at first, because it's always like that - as soon as I started chatting with my former boyfriends like with my friends, I completely lost feelings for them. But now I miss that someone would listen to me or chat with me. I know a lot of this may be due to him not receiving a proper verbal education from his parents but I feel this affecting me every day even more. The only thing keeping us together is that I melt when he hugs me or kisses me and I feel like I am in a dream, I have never felt like that with anyone. I really don't want to trade that feeling, but the differences between us seem so big and the leap is growing. I feel like I wouldn't have these kinds of feelings for anyone but him.
Are rhe differences worth a break-up if he is the only one I've ever truly loved?
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