Does this sound accurate?

I recently made an Instagram under the same email as my Facebook. I was going to do a non personal page and work stuff.
But after a few days, I noticed that it seemed Facebook synced to that account and I didn't connect them.
If I go to search something, I can simply search 'a' for example, and it will have the friends I have that I interact with most at the top. Then some people I don't know, some old friends and at the bottom of that is a few people I searched once or twice.
My friends all say that basically that's the order of interaction being listed. For example, my girlfriend is on top of one search, and her mom (who I'm not friends with) is like 3rd.
On the other side of the coin, my ex, who hasn't been friends with me on this Facebook, is 2nd on say 'c'
Is this accurate?
Yes. That's based on interactions
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Does this sound accurate?
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