What do I do if my husband wants a divorce but I don’t?

Me and my husband have been fighting a lot lately. I have a big board exam coming up so I’m easily triggered from stress. Anyways my husband claims I have been “harassing” him all the time lately about where he goes and so forth. Which I do because I kind lost trust. And he has a dirty mouth. I could piss him off and start a fight and he’ll say my mom is a whore randomly in the fight or curse my family’s and his excuse is rhat I harassed and that’s him out of anger. Today his sister had a bday party at her house and I felt like she didn’t invite me and it was rude and I told him and he defended her and claimed he was going. It was big fight because I was heated and started screaming, he got pissed and flipped the table. It broke a glass vase on it and hit the tv and broke the TV... afterwards he said he wanted a divorce and couldn’t handle me anymore. I don’t want a divorce and just feel like he’s been feeding insecurities of mine which makes me want to harasss and question his every move. I’m very hurt and I don't know what to do. He said he didn’t want to be with me and to stop acting desperate. How do I get him to stay?

also off topic.. but is it possible to get a tv screen fixed? It’s an LG flat screen... if so how much typically
What do I do if my husband wants a divorce but I don’t?
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