Do I end it now or go get therapy?

. I've been dating this guy for 6 years. We were on and off long distance for a while but we've now lived together for a few years. He has some mental health issues and so do I. He is bipolar. More depressive then manic. Not super out of control, but basically a bummer most of the time. He has trouble holding jobs and kinda leaves me in financial binds a lot. Now I have a better job so it's less of an issue. I don't mind being the breadwinner, I just want steady support from his end.
When we first started dating, it was great. And I know he still cares. He moved out of state to be with me. A state where I know he doesn't really want to be. And when we're good, we're great. But when its bad, its DARK. not violent or abusive, just so emotionally draining. He goes through periods of not being interested in me or life. So I get affection deprived and get little help in life when he's like that. And I know I'm demanding. I'm like, a workaholic and anxious about getting stuff done all the time. I know I'm a lot to deal with.
I haven't been happy in a long while and I know he hasn't either. But I love him so much. So much.
I'm torn between needing to end it and taking us to therapy together. Is therapy worth it? Can it help? Or do I just need to call it?
Obviously if he refuses therapy, I'm done. But, if he is open to it, does it ever have success?
4 mo
There's no hate between us. Lots of frustration. And our issues feed off of one another, but I dont hate him. And i know he doesn't hate me.

Which would honestly make it easier 😭
Do I end it now or go get therapy?
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