Girls, My girlfriend left me 5 weeks ago when I was at work, played with my head for weeks after now is threatening me with the police?

Me and my partner of 2 years broken up recently, both 26
we lived together frm the start due too her toxic family bringing her down, I know it was risky move but I said my door is open for you..
anyway I was working a boxing event as corner man 5 weeks ago, and we cuddled on the sofa before I left she kissed me goodnight be safe, and I came back home too an empty house, with a letter saying we don’t work, having a good life, my world came crashing down
i tried reaching out through calls but she blocked me, after 2 days she gets back in contact telling me she loves me, she wants too see me but then she went cold again blocking and unblocking me, we had chats of making things work but then back to the same old coldness, after 5weeks of chasing her she’s threatened me with I’ll call the police, which is so hurtful I never threatened her just poured my heart out offered solutions too make things work, 1 being live separate date again, rebuild the passion
we had had ups and downs in the relationships arguing of stupid stuff social media trust issues we’ve both been cheated on and it did make us argue of silly stuff at times, but I eventually controlled my insecurities, but she couldn’t, would always get upset or jealous if anyone female spoke too me or if spoke too them, I was 100% faithful
too her since the break up I’ve not try too pursue any other woman, I’ve actually taken a break from social media because it’s sad for me right now, we’d always be tagging each other in cute stuff all day giving each other love, so it doesn’t feel the same right now.
im planning on taking up bodybuilding in a few weeks get in shape look all good anhandsome, I’ve got my bike test in a few days too. I want her too see me an think wow, maybe I was wrong, she was adamant I had eyes for other woman, but I never did, I took her too Spain a few weeks ago, an it was beautiful 8 weeks ago roughly, holding her in my arms in a pool, she was telling me she loved me so much,
4 mo
Sadly, I was going too pop the question this year, we went away with my mother because my moms getting on now and I love her etc, nice family holiday, an my mom was asking the ex and the ex was asking me when I’m gonna marry her, and I was going too propose on my birthday this year September 29th all around a massive family meal in a nice restaurant I was gojng too stand my partner up and express my love for her then ask the question it’s hard for me right now
Girls, My girlfriend left me 5 weeks ago when I was at work, played with my head for weeks after now is threatening me with the police?
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