How can she move on so fast and feel nothing?

my ex girlfriend an I were together three years.
We broke up only four months ago, about a month ago she had moved on and met a new guy.
im still in love with her and I don't understand how she can move on so fast. How can she feel nothing? When we broke up she even said who knows in a few months we might try again... I've asked her out for coffee, I've asked to try again, she's not interested.
I wish I could forget about her, she's even added him on all social media now and I'm hurting so bad for missing her. Just a few weeks we were talking then she stopped becuaee of this new guy.
she obviously doesn't give a damn about me? this guynhas evrything she loves,,, a house with land, animals etc,,, although they he guy looks what I thought wouldn't be her type, and seems very jack the lad.
How can she move on so fast and feel nothing?
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