Bestfriends loss?

I once had a close bestfriend more like a sister, I initially knew her when we sat by coincidence in our very first day of year 9 , we became close in no time, her home was my home and mine was hers , people thought we were real sister every thing was ok until the eng of grade 11 , normaly any close friends face problems and fights , we had once a very big fight at the summer break before grade 12 , we stopped talking for like a 10 months and during this period she knew other people and her life was going until a day i decided to throw all of it behind despite the fact that we both were wrong
We returned back by the end of the past march and we were on very good terms even better than before and we never stopped talking even for a day until last week where after am outing she stopped talking , i texted her 2 days after asking her if something is wrong and she said nothing but then a problem happened and a girl faked somethings to tell her that i said (like saying that i hate her and things like that ) and she then blocked me on all social media without even asking me about it
I was shook and now its the 4th day after the block and i still don’t know why she did that and im really down
Do i deserve being treated like that and am i wrong at any point?
Bestfriends loss?
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