I can't let go of her?

Can't let go of my Ex girlfriend. We were together along time, only broke up a matter of months yet she's moved on already and it's killing mmpe. I'm depressed, I can't stop thinking about the times we had together, angry that she's forgotten about me already. I want her to want me back, I've asked for coffee, meet up, try again etc but she couldn't even say yes or no to that. I still don't know the full reasons why she started drifting away :( I want to stop feeling down but at the same time I feel lost st the moment. I'm keeping busy, trying to stay active. Doing everything you're supposed to but I just can't shake her away.
she's added the new guy on her social media and it's clear they are talking right In front of me. Everytime I go online they are there. I don't want to unfriendly her though. Only last week she was tagging me in soemthing. Now she's just disappeared.
I can't let go of her?
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