Should I tell him I cheated?

Hi. 3 years ago I broke up with my ex, we were a couple for almost 5 years, but the last one was awful, we were figting almost every day and tried to fix it, but couldn't. And I met someone else and cheated on him. I know it's awful and I hate myself for that, I wouldn't do that anymore, but it was a way to deal with unhappy relationship, even though probably the worst one.

We haven't spoken for two years, he has a new girlfriend and seem happy together and I am really glad, because he couldn't get over us for a long time.
But three days ago he called me suddenly and admitted, that even though we haven't met for auch a long time and his new girlfriend is amazing, he still thinks about me and hopes to end up with me eventually and it keeps his new relationship unstable. That will never happen and I want him to be happy with someone else genuinely, because I know, that we just don't match and it wouldn't work.
Should I tell him, that I used to cheat on him and break his image of me? I know it would be painful, but I hope it would help him to get over me and appreciate his current relationship
Should I tell him I cheated?
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