Is cheating the same for both genders?

I've thought about cheating and why it's not the same when a man cheats and when a woman cheats in a relationship.

I've idealized relationships a lot through my life but eventually I'm always forced to come to the conclusion that we are basically animals and no matter how civilized we'd like to be, we behave like such. Therefore when I say that a mans aim in relationship is to reproduce with as many women as possible and a womans aim is to find the best partner to have her kids and raise them, I'm not trying to insult anyone. I'm also not trying to sound macho... I just always end up with this conclusion based on what I see.

Therefore it seems to me that when a man cheats on a woman, it should be perceived as less severe than when a woman cheats on a man. After all the man is programmed to want to mate as much as possible and if he is willing to come back to his wife afterward, it's a sign that his cheating was purely sexual and a result of his genetic program. Therefore he still loves her, he just needs sex.

When a woman cheats, however, she shows that she does not think that she is with a genetically superior mate and tries to collect other genetic information outside of her relationship.Therefore she doesn't love him, she just stays with him because he serves her as a provider.

Am I totally wrong on this? I always imagined that the partners should stay happy together for always but I've seen the happiest of men long after sex outside of their relationships although they loved their partners. How do girls think about this?

Let me know, thank you.
A man can cheat and love his partner.
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If a man cheats, it's less severe than when a woman cheats.
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It doesn't matter who cheats.
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If a woman cheats, it's less severe than when a man cheats.
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A woman can cheat and love her partner.
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What I don't understand is people giving you thumbs down but not voting or commenting... I want to hear each view, no matter what.
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OK... I bassically agree that it's the same and I've always thought that way. But I think there is a difference in the fact that men mostly want to cheat because of purely sexual reasons and that with women it's mostly because they aren't satisfied with their husband. So if a guy cheats he often still loves the woman... I just don't see how the girl could love the guy and cheat.
Is cheating the same for both genders?
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