What do you think about me reacting this way? am I overreacting?

So right now I’m in a relationship with a guy who is 18 and I am 17. I think this guy is a really sweet guy but there are certain things that he does that are kinda disappointing to me. And Ik I realize it’s not my job to judge him nor do I have the right judge him. But these are somethings that he did that kinda make me feel a type of way. So one of the things he did was for prom he didn’t wanna dress up for prom. Which I kinda understood because he said that he was only gonna wear the suit once and that it was too much money. But I told him that I could pay but he still declined. On prom day, I gave him my address to him and he came over. My dad saw that he came without a suit and was disappointed. Because he was wearing like a plaid blue/shirt, some jeans, and tennis. Then later he told me that his parents were disappointed that he didn’t wanna wear a suit to prom. I politely confronted him about it by saying I just wanted us to look nice for prom. But then I realize I was being selfish ig because I should understand. Another thing that’s a problem is that he can’t drive and doesn’t have a car so embarrassingly my dad had to drive us to prom. Originally he wanted us to meet up, I guess he was just gonna take uber/or lyft and for me to get my own ride. For prom we did go out to eat though and he paid for me, but we were really late for prom because the waitress was taking forever to come back with the check. Someone who I used to be friends with told me that prom would suck and to not go. He also said that it was a waste of money.. which he wasn’t wrong about that. but I don’t wanna sound ungrateful.. at least I got the experience. My dad tells me that later on I will regret my decision and wish I had dumped him along time ago and that also makes me sad. The person in my family that supports my relationship is my little sister and some of my friends. It really bothers me about this and makes me wanna cry tbh. Ik I sound a crybaby.
you’re overreacting
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you sound ungrateful
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What do you think about me reacting this way? am I overreacting?
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