Did she not actually care?

I started talking to this really awesome girl I knew from high school. We had instant chemistry and we were attracted as well. But they unfortunate part was she was a few hours away for school.
But during that time we got to know each other very well. She opened up about her relationship with her siblings and issues with her parents because she was the youngest and less successful. She also opened up about the hard relationship she had gotten out of 6 months prior.
We formed a better connection because of that, because I was in the same situation.
We were planning to get together during a two week break she had, but I wasn't able to get off work and her brother returned from the military and couldn't make the day's work.
But she had a month off a few weeks later so we just made it work. She kept saying she wished I was with her while she was up there.
But the day she came back down, I changed my schedule to get off early and I picked her up, but it didn't go well. She didn't say anything and asked to go home because of a migraine.
During the ride home, she said she wasn't as ready as she thought and said she needed more time to be over the old relationship. She insisted she liked me, I wasn't a rebound, and I was an amazing guy she wanted to be with. But she said she still didn't have closure and felt betrayed by her ex.
Perhaps I was too sympathetic, and I told her I understood and kissed her on the cheek. She gave me a big hug and looked very sad.
But she wasn't the same and would talk about her ex or be unkind to me. So after she snapped at me for asking how she was doing, I stopped talking to her.
I blocked her on social media and never heard from her.
Did she not actually care like she claimed? Was I truly a rebound?
She did care
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Did she not actually care?
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