When do you know an ex is over you?

We have been dating for several months, nothing bad happened (no fights, no cheating, no jealousy, not hurting each other). He (23y) dumped me out of nowhere over phone with no reason. He just said something was missing.
He reached out to me two weeks after breakup, we exchanged a few texts, he also called me once and was agree to meet. I wanted to have a talk with him because I hid him many issues I had to go through (that affected me). I now think he dumped me because I didn’t confide in him, huge lack of communication. Maybe he reproaches me something but didn’t want to tell me, he is sensitive and keeps things for himself. (Or he was afraid of commitment?)

I was asking him when we could meet and suddenly he didn’t text me back. So I decided to let him some space and alone time. I went on vacation for two weeks and we didn’t contact each other since. It’s been more than a month now.

He didn’t reach out to me. He stopped liking my pics on social media (I guess it is a normal behavior after breakup, but he still likes some pics of his other exes). However, he started to post much more on social media, going a lot to the gym, posting hot pics of himself, including a shirtless pic he had taken for me only (I was with him this day). Or sometimes useless things he’s never done like posting pics of him being alone on a bar, or somewhere else. As soon as I post something, he posts too. I’m still in his « close friends » list on instagram. But in the other way, he ignores my stories on Snapchat.

Nb : he is still single. I know I love him very much and he is a caring and kind guy I can trust, so I would like to reconnect with him and to explain him that we didn’t meet at the best moment for me.
Do you think he is over me and it is too late to get back together?
When do you know an ex is over you?
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