Girls, Why she keep acting this way?

moved home from university and started training in my local gym. I am really motivated and been weight lifting and powerlifting a long time so I get a lot of comments from guys and girls about how big I am and the size of my leg muscles etc.

but I saw some women she must be around 23-27 or so. And I couldn’t stop looking as I thought she just looked really good. She’s obviously been training a while. But she noticed me keep looking and didn’t really look back or anything. Until a few times I caught her looking at my legs when I train them but she would look away really fast.

so I saw her again, and and this guy was working out and pulling weird faces. And I was beside her minding my own business and she started joking with her friend and dancing And as I looked up he looked like he was going to explode and I looked away and tried not to laugh. And as I looked up she saw me trying not to laugh and she stopped dancing and smiling and looked serious and instantly looked serious and quiet.

But it then I would walk around the gym sometimes I’d look abit mean because I’m motivated and sometimes I’d sneak a few looks, and everytime i see her she just staring at me, then when I walked up the stairs I looked again from a distance and again she was staring at me.

I dont get why she's obviously very attractive. Why does she keep doing that. Sometimes she will joke with her friends about something and I walk in pick up some weights and she puts serious face on and just looks at me
Girls, Why she keep acting this way?
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