Did I do the right thing by breaking up?

My now ex boyfriend of two years went to a wedding yesterday. I didn’t hear from him at all until early this afternoon.

He said he met a girl and was severely tempted to cheat on me, but didn’t. However, this encounter has now made him rethink our entire relationship and he cancelled our plans for the evening.

This isn’t the first time he did this, but it’s definitely the last. I told him I want him happy but I don’t want somebody who is unsure of me because of one temptation encounter. I’m hit on everyday and I’ve never allowed temptation to be even considered, because I cared so much.

I had to end it. I want somebody to be sure about me. I want somebody to be with me 100%.

What are your thoughts?
4 mo
And please be aware he texted this to me
Did I do the right thing by breaking up?
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