Why did he lie about her being a lesbian?

My boyfriend of 10 months have had a bit of a rocky time of it; He’d been talking and hanging out with a girl he slept with while knowing it was something I was uncomfortable with, and since then I’ve been super uneasy. I know I’ve got some trust issues from that but it’s like a red flag keeps popping up all the time. I decided it would be best to end it as I can feel myself getting insecure and he doesn’t need to have a crazy girlfriend on his case all the time, but he insisted he wanted to work through this. Anyway, I noticed throughout our relationship that he would add girls that only me and friends from my home city would know, and there was this particular girl that always stood out for me. He’d always like her photos and honestly, it made me feel a bit rubbish. She’s skinny, gorgeous, everything I’m not really. And I asked who she was and he immediately said he worked with her and she’s a lesbian, so since then I haven’t brought it up. However I just discovered she isn’t actually a lesbian at all and never was, and her Facebook page says she is working elsewhere, and I’m just thinking, is she someone he had a sexual relationship with before and he went to the ‘lesbian’ excuse because he knew my feelings towards interacting with past flings/exes when in a relationship?

I just think he’d be better off with a girl who’s a bit more care free and able to deal with these kind of scenarios a lot more easier than I can. I love him, he’s my best friend, but I don’t think I can be in a relationship where I feel on edge all the time. It wouldn’t be fair on either of us
Why did he lie about her being a lesbian?
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