He just lost the feelings out of nowhere?

So my boyfriend and I started off as friends and things progressed. He lives 4 hours away due to college but we’re in the same city for the whole summer. Everything was fine we just started having some minor fights lately but always managed to solve any issue between us. He just got here for the summer and the first day he was really sick so we didn't see each other. Then we got together the second day and everything was fine he was just a bit under the weather because he was still a bit sick. Then the next time we saw each other which was the day after he just broke up with me. He kept saying that he cares about me but doesn't feel the same excitement as before and his feelings have changed. He wants me to give him some time to think about us staying friends but I'm crushed, I honestly love him to bits. I told him I loved him for the first time the night we ended up breaking up. We used to talk every single day and we usually got together once a week or once every two weeks. He has always been amazing towards me and even said he adored me and I was his all just day before he broke up with me. I don't know if I missed some important information but I love him and really want us to get back together even if it means starting off as friends again. What should I do? Also, I accidentally left my sunglasses in his car so he has to get them back to me.. What do I say when he gets them back to me? ( forgot to mention, he also said that he was planning on asking me to be official when he came back but has lost feelings in the meantime... How can someone lose feelings so fast? We were together for about 7 months)
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I’m 18 and he is 20.
He just lost the feelings out of nowhere?
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