(Serious) Desperate for suggestions, what should I do?

So i will give you the story as short as i can but will keep it understandable.

A year ago I started a relationship with this girl. Yes, i love her for who she is. She was in 2 or 3 abusive relationships. This girl has low self-esteem and very insecure, she's not that jealous tho. 2 months in, she told me she wants to break up because she's not worthy. I tried to reassure her, told her that if she has any kind of doubt, please check with me and we will solve it together. Things get better and better after that. we started developing trust and feeling for each other, until this day. Last Saturday, we hung out and had lots of fun, we made plan for a vacation in the near future. On Sunday, the next day, she went to a class reunion of her high school friends. This is where the problem began. Some of her friends remind her of that important event which she told me she never wanted to tell me about. it made her feel ashamed and shattered her confidence and feeling which I've been trying to help her with. I'm gonna make it short. When she was in high school, she was raped by 1 of the guy friend and got pregnant, at her family and her decided that was not the right time to have the baby so she went for an abortion. She's been crying for 2 days and i feel very helpless. I told her it's not her fault, that I accept her past and who she is, and thank her for being honest with me about her past. we decided not to mention about this accident ever again but she is still devastated. today she tells that we should break up and because she's not worth of my time and effort.

SERIOUSLY GUYS, what should i do now?
(Serious) Desperate for suggestions, what should I do?
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